SFI Compensation Plan

6 Exciting Income Streams! Tap into as many as you want!

1. Retail Comissions

One of SFI's most lucrative income streams. For every retail sale you generate, earn up to 80% of the total Commission Volume! You can earn these lucrative commissions not only on direct sales of goods and services, but also by simply referring customers to money-saving coupons at SFI's NiceOffers.com division. JOIN HERE.

2. Bonus Income

The Executive Bonus is based on SFI's companywide "Powerline." What's a Powerline? Simply put, it's a line that grows infinitely deeper, as every SFI affiliate is placed, one after another, in the line.

Every affiliate who joins SFI after you is placed under you in the Powerline. And you can earn income from each one by simply becoming an Executive Affiliate (EA).

Becoming an EA locks in your position in the Powerline.

Click here to see exactly where you are positioned in the Powerline and how many affiliates are beneath you currently.

Once you've locked in your position, you'll start earning a share of all the commissions generated by every affiliate under you in the Powerline. And not just once, but every month – so long as you remain an Executive Affiliate.

Note that literally THOUSANDS of people from all over the world are joining SFI every week. Hence, you can profit from the sales of every affiliate in the world who joins SFI from this day forward by simply becoming an Executive Affiliate now! JOIN NOW

3. Matchmaker

The Executive Match is the first step to creating a sizeable Residual Income stream.

For Example :

For the first month, this is a 100% match. And you can double that to 200% by generating two or more new Executive Matches in the same month (see earnings example below.)

For each month thereafter that they remain an EA, you will earn a 50% match. If they earn $10, you earn $5. If they earn $12, you earn $6, and so on.

Because joining SFI is free and because becoming an EA requires no purchases, building a group of affiliates on whom you earn Executive Matches every month is easy. And there's no limit to how many affiliates you can refer or how many matches you can earn! JOIN HERE and Learn More..

4. Team Match

Team Matches allow you to tap into the bank-account-bursting power of Leveraged Income and the exponential growth that can occur in your group over time.

With Executive Matches, you created an income stream based on your Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs). Team Matches now take your income to a whole new level by allowing you to earn handsome "override" commissions on all the affiliates your PSAs refer to SFI.

Please review the Powerline diagram at right. Note the "2G's." A 2G is the term we use for an affiliate sponsored by one of your PSAs. For every 2G below you in the Powerline, you earn an 8% Team Match (that is, you earn 8% of whatever the 2G's Executive Bonus is) starting with that affiliate's second month as an EA.

"2G" is short for "Second Generation Affiliate." We use the term "generation" because of it's similarity to a family structure. That is, if PSAs are your "children," then an an affiliate "born" from your children would be "second generation" to you. Hence, a "2G."

Team Matches don't stop there though. You'll also earn 8% Team Matches on every 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, and 7G in your Powerline--no matter how deep they are below you--starting with their second month as EAs.

There is no limit to how many Team Matches you can earn each month. Over time, the six generations that you earn Team Matches on can grow to hundreds or even thousands of affiliates. JOIN HERE and Learn More..

5. Fundraisers (Raise funds AND help people save money!)

How would you like to help one of your favorite nonprofit organizations raise needed funds...and at the same time set yourself up to earn a handsome income potentially for years to come on sales to thousands of people? With SFI's NiceOffers.com division, you can. JOIN HERE and Learn More.

6. ClickBucks

Earn up to $4 for each affiliate you refer to SFI. JOIN HERE and Learn More.

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